Hands are for Holding

Say you’re tired. Say you’re busy.

You can lie to me, it should come easy for you have been doing it for a while

Look away when I’m talking. Please don’t say what you’re thinking.

You have been thinking for a while… for a while.

Take your hands out of your pockets and hold me. (stop wasting my time).

Turn your eyes round in their sockets so you can see the way that I look at you.



Be Love

It seems that lying, cheating, deception, and false pretenses are the norm these days. What is it that is pushing people to become less genuine? How much longer can we play with fire until we are a society of prevaricators. I want to trust, I seek to believe. I desire to seeĀ  the light inside of people, but it is hard when that light is sometimes just deception leaking from the core. I’ve camped out enough to know that fires burn. I have felt deception. I have battled with hurt, and lost on occasion.

Is it just me or does it become increasingly more difficult to be resilient when every experience begins to take the same course? I guess for me I will trust in my ability to believe. Belief in human nature, belief in humanity, belief in intervention and standing up for the rights of each other. My goal is to remain unchanged in my outlook.


My heart wears a leather jacket, protecting it from a motorcycle crash.

With all of these liars, I’m surprisedĀ  it doesn’t break like a broken glass. – iamsohip


I want you to know the truth
‘Cause I’ve been around before
Thought I was looking anymore

Been a fool for weeks
‘Cause my heart stands for nothing and your soul’s too weak
Got a will that’s been around for days
Goes far if you want it, it needs to behave

But then you, you come around, big mistake
I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know
We don’t need a sign to know better times

Running around ’cause you beat yourself up
And you made a crack and the one that you love is gone
How much longer can you play with fire before you turn into a liar?

I’ve been around before
Thought you weren’t looking anymore
But then we, we come and go, go up in smoke
I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know
We don’t need a sign to know better times


“We are all in the gutter… but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde