Rain Cloud Rain Cloud, please stay.

Today I am oddly aware and tranquil. I hear each tick-tick-tick of the clock to my left and see the drop-drop-drop of the rain dripping from the window above the door in the office next to mine. Gem club plays in my head. Soft piano and a whispering smooth voice lulls me into sinking away from stress and melting into how little things make wonderful our day to day ritual.

It is this very sort of day that I would share with a best friend. The very friend I have in mind, however, is in the Congo. There really is no replacement for a lifelong best friend. Someone who will tell you what they think, whether it embrace and support you or smack you in the face with honesty. Too few people in the world now have this particular talent. I like to think that in everything I do I strive to say things in the most uncomplicated and honest way I can identify.

There it goes again – my soul aching.

This is another constant that I feel. Like the drops of rain or the ticks of the clock, my soul constantly whispers

‘something’s missing… something’s missing’.

I think it echoes on days like this…

Patience. Patience. Just live, learn to be with yourself and love being with your thoughts;  Continue to treat people well and something will be found eventually just as you are ready.



Patience with others is Love, Patience with self is Hope, Patience with God is Faith. ~ Adel Bestavros

Hope is patiently waiting expectantly for the intangible to become reality. ~ Avery D. Miller


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