I am not rocks in the river…

Nuevos discos de la semana

I wanted to share that Ryan adams has a new disc out – and as it would appear, a fellow poster, sentid0c0mun has already created a post on the new cds of this week.

If you look at it (even if you don’t know spanish), he lists all of the newest cds this week. Bjork, RYAN ADAMS, a bootleg Johnny Cash… the list is long.

Needing some new music? I HIGHLY recommend Ryan’s new cd Ashes & Fire… but also, check out the others on the list.

Musical exploration is only a click away. (Need a good way to listen to full tracks without purchasing? Check out spotify.com) You can subscribe as a free subscriber and listen to full length tracks of a large selection and if you don’t mind an ad or two, it’s a great service for hearing a specific tune that is plaguing you.


ASHES & FIRE… brilliant. Thank you Ryan, that was one hell of a dry spell!


It was nice that there wasn’t anything getting in the way of the music. Ryan Adams, on his European tour

“I am not rocks
I am not rain
I’m just another shadow in the stream
That’s been washed away after all these years
I am not rocks in the river
I am bursting in tears for it
And the day is dawning”


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