Anything At All

I feel like a loser, I feel like I’ve lost, I feel like I’m not so sure if I feel anything at all… But believe me, I’m not helpless I just need someone to love. So my situation’s rough, but that just makes me a dumb human like you

I feel like a shortstop along third base. I may just help you but I still don’t like your face, but believe me, I’m not hostile I just want to hear you laugh when I’m sarcastic like that, but that just makes me a dumb human
Like you…

Why do I have this incredible need to stand up and say “Please, pay attention?”. It’s the last thing that I need

To make myself seen, well, that ain’t my intention – No. I feel like an artist, Who’s lost his touch. He likes himself in his art, but not his art too much

Everyone wants to be such an individual. So unique. Snowflakes like our parents told us as they lied through their teeth. We’re all the same on the inside, fragile and frail. Everyone is struggling through something at every moment, even when it is something small. Why do we hide it so much? Why are we so bent on living a way that is so ego-dystonic compared to our inner self?

Who knows. Treat your ears:


But ultimately, anyone’s rise to a life of integrity and merit can only come as a result of a full self-awakening. A person must come to know himself as well as others without deceit or denial. He must honestly face and reckon with all aspects of his character. Only then can he freely take on the burden of disciplining himself for the sake of himself as well as the sake of others. It is the free choice to take up this burden or ‘cross’ that defines love. And it is the willingness and commitment of a person to carry this cross even to death that opens the door to a higher plane of existence.” ~ Dr. George Simon

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