la lluvia y el té

It is a dimly lit morning here in Virginia and everything is permeated with a muting haze. The noises outside seem quieter, the sun is hardly noticeable as it feels more like dusk than nine am. It is peaceful. I feel peaceful. Even as I look at the clock and realize that I must be somewhere in twenty minutes, I am soberly serene. This is the feeling I would like to remember.
I look back upon my weekend – so hectic.



Wake up, make coffee, walk dogs, wash face, get dressed ^what will I wear^, feed dogs, check dogs water, UP, keys, ^what time is it?^, pour coffee, find shoes, leave the house, drive to work. work, volleyball, physics, lab, dogs, horses, travel…

The internal dialogue within fifteen minutes is enough to drive a person insane, let alone a day or weeks worth. No thank you. I would take this moment of serenity over that mind racing chaos any day.
Alas, however, I must to begin my day.

*please hold while I head to my next obligation*

I scurried to my next thing to do, battling the rain which now seemed like a hassle and not a blessing of serenity. Now I am back to my dimly lit (and appropriately so) office. The drops of the rain tapping on my air conditioner that perches in the window. This sound is oddly comforting yet blends into the sounds of the trucks buzzing by and the army chants that sing in the afternoons. For a space that seems so serene it sure makes working difficult.

Now everyone is out of the office except for me. Ah – silence finally. The Binds That Tie by  Bright Eyes plays on my speakers with the bass line nicely mimicking the rain’s drop drop-drop drop drop-drop. It is Friday. I am tired. My mind has flat lined. I need a warm blanket, a mug of hot tea (a man to cuddle if we’re being completely honest), and a good classic move or my friend Sylvia’s musings (I am going to miss her when I have finished all of her writings).


I should’ve told him that you were the one for me but I lied, but I lied…Carolina Rain, RA



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