Spit and Sparkle, You and Me

As if he read my mind, Ryan Adams has come back to help my soul repair itself. His music a salve to my bleeding soul. He heals me through his words, smooth vocals, and gentle whispering lyrics. The song “lucky now” perfectly expresses where I am in my life… and if you’ve been reading my blogs or catching up with me then you know what I mean. My contemplation of who I am is worded better than I could have:

“I don’t remember, were we wild and young
All that faded into memory
I feel like somebody I don’t know
Are we really who we used to be
Am I really who I was

The lights will draw you in
And the dark will bring you down
And the night will break your heart
But only if you’re lucky now”

As we grow older we grow wiser. Nah, that can’t be right. I feel like I am losing myself as I grow older. Actually, it’s quite a mystery. I feel I know who I am more at the core but at the same time I have lost the joie de vivre. The phrase Am I really who I was repeats itself in my head no matter the activity.
I am starting to think there would be something tragic and magical if RA and I ever met in person. Sparks and house fires probably. We would spit and sparkle and burn out in quite the blaze.



Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear;
The wheels revolve, the universe keeps running. – Sylvia, my kindred spirit.


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