I couldn’t say it better

“Americans are losing the freedom to make sense of daily choices’¬ ;teachers can’t maintain order in the classroom, managers are trained to avoid candor, schools ban the game of tag, and companies plaster inane warnings on everything: “Remove Baby Before Folding Stroller.”Philip K. Howard’s urgent and elegant argument is full of examples, often darkly humorous. He describes the historical and cultural forces that led to this mess, and he lays out the basic shift in approach needed to fix it. Today we are flooded with rules and legal threats that prevent us from taking responsibility and using our common sense. We must rebuild boundaries of law that affirmatively protect an open field of freedom. The stories here will ring true to every reader. The analysis is powerful, and the solution unavoidable. What’s at stake, Howard explains in this seminal book, is the vitality of American culture.


The Death of Common Sense and The World Without Lawyers




Common sense is not so common – Voltaire


Green Screens aren’t just for movies

If only worry could make it change…. suddenly our world would take new shape…

Great Video I found tonight while getting lost in music, emotion, and the wide world of hiding bands.


So roll up your sleeves, this could take some time…


“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.” ~ Anonymous



HWTAC test

Dear World and the People it Contains:

Continued refusal to behave in a manner that pleases me will result in my unhappiness. This warning applies to people I love, people I work with, friends, relatives, strangers who wander through my personal narrative, and folks in faraway lands whose thoughtless actions cause me to become upset when I read the newspaper in the morning. As of this notice, all behavior will be required to pass an HWTAC test (“How will this affect Cera?”). Failure to do so will result in me having a bad day. And nobody wants that, right? Thank you for your consideration. You may now return to your regular activities.


–Thanks, Cera