Bang Bang Bang, Baby!

All my life you know
I haven’t been very love strong
Cause there’s so many fights
That I fought and had never won
So I decided that I should just give up
Trying to right your wrong
And word on the street is she did to you
What you did to me …

So unfortunately, for girls like me
There are more like you
Bending and breaking the rules
And we’re making exceptions too
But how does it feel?
To swim in your own tears?
You lied and you lied
And I died and I died
And now you know why

Karma tastes so sweet.


That, it seems, is the impossibility. That being free. What would the dark do with out fevers to eat? What would the light do without eyes to knife, what would he do, do, do without me? Silvia Plath, The Jailer.


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