Regrets that Glitter

For today’s blog I want to pose the same question as is posed in the video… so you have to watch the video first.

What Is Your Biggest Regret:

My biggest regret is…

keeping the most genuine parts of my personality hidden or restrained when around most people. I have learned from experience that when you reveal  you open yourself up to pain and vicious hurt. In return, I inadvertently created an adaptive behavior of surface smile. This means that to most people I appear friendly, outgoing, and confident. I do not let my weakness show. In my older age I have learned that opening myself up to those who prove themselves true friends is extremely rewarding… and the fear of getting hurt drops away. There are still people who have gained my trust and then turned that trust into regret, but I won’t go back.

I have regrets with relationships and decisions too. I regret not grabbing “earthy crunch” by the hand and letting myself admit that I loved him. I regret slapping him when he kissed me, and I regret not telling him to this day that I loved love him. (He is married now to a girl who is similar to me. Too little, too late).

I think the point is that we all have regrets. Even when we say “I try not to have regrets”… there are things, actions, scenarios that we all wish had different outcomes. The best we can do is move on, learn from our regrets, and proceed with caution and execute our dreams with precision. I write this today as a benediction to the future. Hope for better days and brighter smiles, for tears when needed, and full disclosure. Cheers to change and cheers to those things that shaped me into who I am now. Sure, I have regrets… but I cherish them because I won’t ever let another “earthy crunchy” slip through my hands. Ever. I won’t rush through a day if the sun is shining. I won’t sleep in a tent when I can sleep under the stars. Every frustration can be something good… SALUD to good health, good friends, and the mistakes and missteps we make along the way!

What is your biggest regret?



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