A Cheaters Guide to Confession & Breaking Up

My Sweet, Sweet __(Insert Name Here)    ,

Ever since our first glance I knew I had to experience your love. I wrapped myself around your every word, your smile teased me, and your heart played an awesome bass to my wicked drum solo. We wrote our own love story and played our own theme music.. no one could compare, not even Sharon and Ozzy, Romeo and Juliet, Batman and Robin *um… err… yeah*. In all of our __(insert length of time together)  I always cared for you so much… but no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, we all decide to make decisions that shape and mold our personalities and hearts… and my heart, while it use to have your finger prints all over it, has become a bit misshapen.

While my soul will always have your initials carved into it with memories, sunshine, and good feelings, I would be remiss to not point out that I have changed, and you have too. I would also be negligent if I did not encourage you to follow the path presented in front of you.

I have met someone new, someone with a soul that is on fire and who sparkles like 1,000 roman candles. I do not feel good about this immediate attraction but would be labelled a liar if I did not acknowledge my attraction. While you and I were beginning to part ways, I met this person. We spent time as friends together,  but my feelings were so strong that I could not allow myself to remain friends… my dear there is no gentle way to say this except to say that I was unfaithful to you, and for that I am truly remorseful.

You are so important to me and it breaks parts of my honor into pieces knowing that I was too much of a coward to confront this situation when it began. I care about you deeply, which is why I held on, breaking my nails off as I slipped off the cliff. It is at this point that I am now, where I know I have been unfaithful and dishonorable, that I must come clean to you and offer you my deepest sympathies as I whisper Goodbye.

Goodbye, dear ___(name)____. I was wrong and you were stronger than I. I will always hold you in kind regards, knowing that I was the one to fall apart. But i am resigned with good graces that this is the decision I need to pursue to enhance my character and continue in a path of well being.

Adieu amore,

____(Your name here)___




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