Cold is the water…

Tranquil I sit; Quiet and alone, contemplative. Not regretting, not wanting for anything. Just reflecting. You know, sometimes I think so negatively about myself. Whether it is the culture I grew up in, the life experiences I have had, or past decisions I’ve made… my self image can tend to get a little on the downhill. We can be our own worst enemies, after all.

I once was told by someone that I couldn’t expect to talk to my friends the way I talk to myself and expect them to stick around and support me. There is merit to this statement. Would I ever say the sort of things to anyone else that I say and think about myself? Why do I want to make an enemy of myself?

Whilst contemplating this a song came to mind. You know, if life had a soundtrack, this would be the moment the song faded in until loud enough to evoke tears. A real “say anything” moment. So in the spirit of John Cusack, turn your speakers up, maybe even dim the lights. Reflect and feel the love in this song:


You Are Not Alone In This… (mumford & sons)


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