Depraved and In Debt

When I think of the state of the world today, the depravity of human goodness, the selfishness and the financial debt I am so disheartened. In 1910 our great grandparents considered debt a sin… in 1960 our grandparents had a credit card but rarely used it. Now what? We’re a nation that has build the credit card companies up to a net worth greater than that of Egypt, India, and another country combined. That is crazy. How about putting that towards poverty or health, healing disease.

Why do we charge, spend, and sign our lives away? Our neurotransmitters do not register a swipe of a card as pain, but when we hand a huge chunk of 20’s over the counter we cringe. We are looking at a nation that scams the poor into buying lottery tickets. The average person with a high school diploma spends 143 dollars a month on the lottery, contrasted to those with college degrees who still spend 65 dollars a month. Can you imagine if you put that in a money market account? You’d be a millionaire.

There is one answer: WE ARE SELFISH! I do not claim to be self-less. In fact, we all are selfish to some degree. We live in a “me” society and it breaks my heart. How am I suppose to have hope in growing old if I cannot even be witness to humans helping humans? My wish is that everyone would open their eyes and see this tragedy that we are writing. To put it plainly, when I think about the US and the direction that it is going, the society and our selfish ways, I have to say that….


The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender – Proverbs 22:7

There is no shortcut to any place worth going!


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