Just For The Record…

Sometimes people can get you down.

I like to remind myself that it is ridiculous to let one (or 12) idiots ruin your day. While that may seem blunt, it is completely possible.

You never know what someone else is facing in their lives. I try (operative word being try) to consider this when I deal with people I do not know… but COME ON people. Give me a break too.

I’m just a human being trying to scratch and crawl my way through this odd existence, just like you. I have a smile that hides a lot of things that you would cringe away from if you saw on the surface. Let us be who we are and stop holding people back from being who they are. We all judge, heck, I’m a really good judge of others, but there is no reason to let that interfere with the way you accept and acknowledge someone.

So I suppose my challenge today to you is this: everyone judges. But take that snapshot judgment when you make it and throw it aside. Likewise, when you feel like you’re holding yourself back from being truly happy… kick the bucket of cynicism over and rock it!

You are but one thorny bush in my field of golden wheat… maybe try to bud a rose.


It takes a lot of courage to grow up and be who you really are. – E.E. Cummings


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